Spot gloss UV Varnish
: the advantage of spot glossing is that it is similar to printing an extra colour and can be applied to particular areas to produce special effects and a glossy finish.

Die-cutting: a template can be made to cut almost any design or shape. The most common dies are made to form pictures or geometric shapes.

Blind embossing: no ink is used for this type of embossing; instead, the design or text is only visible as a raised area on the paper or card.

Debossing: creates a depression rather than a raised impression.

Lamination:can really define and dramatise your print, whether you opt for a soft matt lamination to create a velvety finish or a gloss lamination to catch the light and add a bit of shine. It also acts as a protective barrier if your print needs to be more durable or is likely to encounter a demanding environment.

Foil blocking: produces text or images that are flat and very shiny, there are many different foil colours available, not just gold and silver. Foiling can be combined with other types of printing to enhance parts, or all of a logo, and can also be used in conjunction with embossing to produce a very shiny raised effect.